When many of the natural health doctors and urologists have an aging, enlarged prostate, many choose…


…the same 8 active ingredients in Zenn7 as a “preventive action plan” to head off their own speeding oncoming prostate problem.

  • Easier to swallow
  • Easier on the stomach
  • 30 capsules (1 month supply)
  • No reports of “blah” aftertaste
  • Safer to take with prescript. meds


The Usual Suspects

There are a semi-load of different prostate supplements out there, but just about all of them aren’t worth a wooden nickel. You get the usual suspects.

But natural health doctors point out the one supplement that has the kind of ingredients your prostate needs for not only 24-hour aid but for preventive health as you get older.

But how do men—real men—feel about buying such a product?
Let James tell you:



Wow! What a difference this little capsule has made in my life.

I never thought I could regain my sex life again and take careof all those symptoms of enlarged prostate.

The past week hasbeen such a positive experience for me and my wife.

No more of that stinging or slow-drip urination. I’m seeing significantimprovement in my prostate health, and my life is back to normal!

James Adams
New York, New York


In a nutshell—the 8 active high-concentrated ingredients in Zenn7

The MEN’S Semi-Annual Sale+ Our

“Timeless No Bull Guarantee”

We had to make a choice between having a cheaply made prostate formula, and selling it as a get-by product, or formulating quality so it can give you above-average results without the side effect that pharmaceuticals give.

We chose quality!

In doing so, we still have been able to keep prices down as low as possible.

You are twice as smart as you think you are, and you know that quality is not cheap, and cheap things are seldom good.

We have seen too many unscrupulous pill-pushers load up their capsules with junk, just to make it seem like there’s a lot in there, but it’s just another way to drain your wallet, instead of your bladder!